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Human Treadmills vs Canine Treadmills

Canine Treadmill Benefits


From general exercise benefits to rehabilitation, Dog Trot customers love using our treadmills!


Cleo, the Toy Fox Terrier's, acclimatization to being around a treadmill took several weeks but now she jumps on the Pet Run treadmill without any hesitation. Multiple, short daily workouts, on the treadmill, help to keep Cleo happy and fit.



Our two female Beagles - can't get enough of being outside.

Yet, as Fall is settling in --- the treadmill is a blessing.

I have two active Beagles who need their two walks (2 hours) a day.
We even have them equipped for snow shoeing in the Winter. We live on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec.
I didn't think they would take to the treadmill so quickly and thoroughly enjoy it.

Believe it or not - they'll go sit or lie down on the treadmill when they are in the mood to walk.

Here are a few pictures.
I hope you use them for some advertising because no doubt my dogs love your product.

Thank you again for loving what you sell.

- L.F.


Our Lucy is a 17-pound Boston Terrier; she’ll be a year old on Boxing Day. Lucy loves going on the treadmill.  Sometimes we hold a treat in our hand to keep her motivated.  She runs at speed level 4.


So far, so good...

I think your product will be a Godsend through the winter.  Boston Terriers don’t have a lot of fur for insulation, but they still need exercise when it’s cold!!  I’ll keep you posted.

Many thanks.

- AG, Milton ON


I actually have been meaning to email you about how we love our treadmill even more now! Corduroy developed some random fears at the beginning on December where she would hear a sound (that we couldn't hear) and start shaking and was terrified. She'd work herself into a state and wouldn't stop panting and shaking. We tried oral calming treatments, a thundershirt - all which worked well during the day, but nothing worked at night where she'd sit at our heads and pant so loudly that we couldn't sleep. Then we had an idea; we started putting her on the treadmill whenever she got scared and walked her on it for 5-10 minutes and all of a sudden she wasn't scared anymore! It was like it reset her brain and she forgot to be scared - and then was so tired that she went back to sleep. It worked so well that we began walking her on the treadmill every night before bed and she'd sleep very well and not wake up shaking at all!


"We purchased a small treadmill for our three dogs a few months ago and couldn't be happier. We really got it for one of our dogs specifically, Wellie - a yorkie mix, as she is very high energy and gets into trouble when she is not tired. She loves the treadmill so much that she asks to go on it every single day and more often than not, several times a day. Wellie is not good with change and over the past few weeks we have been doing a major kitchen renovation which is A LOT of change and every morning I run her on the treadmill and she is soooo well behaved the rest of the day! Something about the first morning run sets her brain to think that everything is ok and she relaxes. We couldn't have asked for a better product - and we have tried EVERYTHING with Wellie. This not only worked, it worked right away to let her focus her mind on moving forward, as well as tiring her out."

- Liz and Thomas Bradley


Our dog Biggie is diagnosed with epilepsy since he’s two. We’ve tried brain scan, all kinds of tests you can name and even a canine neurologist but nothing helped us pinpoint the cause. So the doctor recommended him stay on medication for the rest of his life. The down sides are he still gets seizures randomly; Sometimes once in a half year, sometimes three times a day. And the medication not only hinders his physical wellness but also change his behavior. His hind legs got so weak last year that he couldn’t get on the couch or stay in balance when peeing/pooping as one of the side effects from the drug. We took him out for a run/fetch an hour a day trying to rehabilitate his back leg muscles. It did help a little but not much until we got him a treadmill from you and started to see a tremendous progress. We put him on the treadmill almost every day and increased the duration gradually according to his physical condition. After about half of year of the “treadmill rehab”, his health conditions and energy level started to bounce back. He can now jump up to our SUV for no problem. No more trembling during the peeing/pooping. He stood on his back legs last time when we showed him his favorite treat. He’s now seven years old and in a great health condition. He had a major intestine surgery last month due to complications developed from a surgery to remove a piece of toy he accidentally swallowed from his stomach two years ago. He is recovering quite well. We plan to put him back on the treadmill starting next week.

- Kathy Chou


The dogs love running; without the treadmills the toy poodle would run us ragged, even with outdoor exercise. I also love how quiet the treadmill is compared to my treadmill which I used to run them on.

- HL, Straffordville ON



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