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Human Treadmills vs Canine Treadmills

Canine Treadmill Benefits

Human Treadmills vs Canine Treadmills

‘How are dog treadmills different from people treadmills?”

This is the question we are asked most frequently.

Our treadmills are specifically engineered for dogs. They are manufactured to high standards by a human treadmill manufacturer who saw a need for this kind of treadmill. The major differences between our treadmills and human treadmills are that:

  • Our treadmills are remote controlled. They don’t have that bulky console control sticking up. They are low profile and you can be seated nearby, controlling the treadmill while your dog is exercising.
  • Humans run on two feet – dogs run on four. The size of treadmill a dog needs depends upon the length of his stride. Human treadmills come in a fairly standard size (usually having a running deck of 54 to 60”), while dog treadmills can be gauged to the length of your dog’s stride. Our treadmills come in sizes ranging from 100 cm. long (39.5”) up to 251 cm. (98”). If you have a small dog, you can get away with a very small treadmill – which is a great space saving feature. Some large dogs have a longer stride than human treadmills can accommodate – so we also sell long treadmills.
  • The running belt on our treadmills was designed to accommodate the pads of a dog’s foot (not a running shoe); it’s a lot kinder to dog’s feet than most human treadmills. (Often the running surface on human treadmills has a rather gritty surface.)
  • All models have a holder for your dog’s leash, if you choose to use it; some models also have gates, guiding your dog to remain on the treadmill.
  • Our treadmills are safer for dogs because of the remote control; the low profile (they’re not very far off the floor) – and they are all electrically certified to meet Canadian standards (which are much higher than US standards)
  • They are designed to accommodate things like dog fur, slobber (and worse). They are easy to clean and maintain by the owner.

Other points:

  • There are lots of health benefits to using treadmills – for dogs as well as humans.
  • In the 2011 Pet Wellness Report (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition) veterinarians estimated that 55% of dogs they see are not receiving enough physical exercise to maintain good health.
  • Obesity has the same negative effects on dogs as it does on humans: heart, lung, circulatory, joint, mobility and many other health problems are directly attributable to obesity.
  • Our dogs are dependent on us for everything: their food, their exercise, their training, fun and socialization – we control it all. Exercise is pretty high up on the list of your dog’s BASIC requirements.
  • Not every dog gets the chance to RUN every day – and there are lots of reasons: the weather, hectic schedules, owners with mobility issues, downtown living... A dog treadmill eliminates all of these obstacles. You can exercise your dog in the comfort of your own home.
  • A number of our clients have used our treadmills in rehabilitating their dogs after surgeries and to assist with other medical conditions.
  • Our population is aging. When older dog lovers start experiencing mobility issues, a dog treadmill allows people to continue exercising their dogs in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Our experience has been that teaching your dog to run on a treadmill is similar to teaching your dog to swim.

Almost ALL dogs can learn to swim. Some learn more quickly than others. If your dog is able to walk, he’s able to walk (or run) on a treadmill.



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