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Human Treadmills vs Canine Treadmills

Canine Treadmill Benefits

Why Dog Treadmills?

The idea of exercising your dog on a treadmill is a relatively new concept to the average dog owner. While dog treadmills may have been around for several years in the show dog circle, the idea of putting your dog on a treadmill at home is just now gaining momentum and what a great benefit they offer!

There’s no doubt about it – dogs LOVE to run – no matter what their pedigree. What happens the moment you release their leash in a park where there are other dogs and animals? Or you launch a ball for your best friend to bolt after? Dogs will run for the sheer joy of running. The added benefit is that it keeps them healthy, happy and balanced.

The PetRun Dog Treadmill is the ideal way to ensure your pet has a safe outlet to expend that pent-up energy! Perfect for that rainy day, or for those whose mobility may be compromised in some way. DogTrot Fitness will provide you with the means to ensure healthy, happy dogs.

From channelling excess energy to reversing the signs of aging, the benefits of regular exercise for your dog are compelling. A recent study on mice concluded that several regular sessions a week on a treadmill reduced and even reversed the signs of aging. It stands to reason that regular treadmill sessions could be equally beneficial for your dog.

A walk with your buddy is a wonderful social and bonding event for both you and your dog and a session on the dog treadmill will never replace that experience between you. But a walk just doesn’t deliver the same exercise level as a run – and dogs LOVE to run.

Beginning with dog treadmills, DogTrot Fitness plans to provide a full line of pet fitness and health equipment to pet owners.



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